Dr. Earl Gilchrist, my pastor, has a saying that I’ve pondered and studied for a while now.

He says that “where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable.”  In other words, when you don’t know why something exists then you will abuse it because it is not being utilized or consumed in the way it was designed or created.

When I really thought about what he said, it became clear to me that purpose is the one thing that everyone has to take the time to discover for themselves.  While walking in your purpose get you closer to your true destiny, not understanding your purpose will lead to the misuse of your gifts, talents, opportunities, and assets.  Anyone not fully being who they are created to be is abusing themselves and wasting their potential.

Money has a purpose.  When you don’t know the purpose of money then it gets abused – leading to all kinds of financial problems and headaches that you have to address in your life.

Your health has a purpose.  When you don’t take care of yourself then you abuse your physical, mental, and spiritual self – which leads to other challenges and obstacles you will face in life.

Your family has a purpose.  When you don’t nurture and cherish those that are the closest to you, you abuse those family members by not appreciating why they are in your life.

Your business has a purpose.  It exists to serve a specific market with a unique set of products and services.  Without your organization, startup, or small business, the world would be lacking what it needs to continue evolving the way it should.  Imagine our world today without Google, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM or Apple – what would that look like?  How about General Mills, Target, Walmart, or Best Buy?  What would society look like?

Find your purpose so you don’t abuse yourself and those around you – because where purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable.