Everyone was excited when I got home today.

I promised that I would make some steaks on the grill for dinner tonight. So there was some pep in my step when I left work today headed home to prepare for a feast I had promised my family.

I remember that I didn’t have lighter fluid for the old charcoal grill that I had so I made a stop at the store and picked up some Kingsford Match Light Charcoal – my favorite to use for a quick dinner.

My wife loves ribeyes and I love filet mignon so I got some meat from Whole Foods last night. To be honest that was the first time I have ever shopped at a Whole Foods store so it was quite the experience. I couldn’t find anything and had to ask where the food was I was looking for.

I got home, fired up the grill, and pulled out the steaks I had marinated the night before. I’m glad I got a chance to prepare the meat the night before – it had soaked up all the goodness of my secret marinade that I’ve perfected over the last 20 years.

When I finished cooking, we sat down as a family and ate together. One of the best times of the day is when we all sit down and enjoy our meal while talking about what happened during the day. I love to hear what my son did in high school while my daughter talks about my experience as a fourth-grader. My wife tells me about the projects that she is taking on and I get to talk about what I’m into at work.

Food and music bring people together – even families. If it takes getting some meat on a grill to have this experience then so be it – as long as we get to be together and enjoy each other’s company.