I’m a giver. I’m always buying coffee or lunch for someone as a random act of kindness.

It is fun to do and it gives me a nice high – to make someone else’s day or to simply do something that is not expected that puts a smile on someone else’s face.

I remember this past summer have lunch at the mall by myself. I sat down next to 4 older ladies having lunch. One of the ladies was really nice and struck up a conversation about the restaurant and how it was a great day to be there eating lunch.

I have never been shy so I joined in the conversation with her and the other ladies – having a great time talking about the menu.

As I finished my meal, I asked the waiter to bring the check for the ladies to me. They were having breakfast so I thought it would not be too expensive. I didn’t care at the end of the day – I knew that it would be a nice thing to do.

I paid for my food and their food while not telling them. I wish them a good day and thanked them for being so nice to me. I left the restaurant and headed into the mall.

After about an hour of messing around and checking out a couple of stores, I headed back to my car – which was in the direction of the restaurant where I had lunch. To my surprise, one of the ladies saw me and told the others that I was the one that paid for their lunch.

All four ladies hugged me and were so thankful that I bought their meal. One said I didn’t have to do that. One said you are such a nice young man. One said they had just left the church and that she was going to pray for me that night – thanking God for the blessing she received from a complete stranger and that I would have a blessed life.

All of that over some free eggs and bacon? Absolutely. Making the world better for someone else is sometimes the best thing you could ever do. I was inspired by doing something nice for someone I didn’t know, but the reward of making those ladies feel special made my day.