Last year I started a podcast called “The DEJ Show” and for the first few months, I used the podcast to learn what it took to put a podcast together. Through that experience, I had some great success in building a small audience, improving the audio production of the show, and of course getting invited to be on other podcasts as a guest.

I wanted to make sure that the content I was creating was adding value to others but over time I got busy with other things and ended up stopping the podcast. Now I have some energy back and will resume recording and producing the podcast because it was a lot of fun to make and it was my personal space to share my thoughts through a medium I was most familiar – sound.

Being a musician all my life recording and producing audio was a natural thing for me and podcasting fit some of my skills. I still have a lot to learn but I really enjoyed producing episodes and getting them out there on the internet.

For now, check out the last episode I recorded as we prepare to ramp the podcast back up and start consistently publishing again. If you want to check out some previous episodes click on to hear some of my earlier episodes. If you want to hear it on Apple Podcasts you can check out those episodes by clicking here: