I go the barbershop every Saturday morning to get a haircut – usually at 8:00 am. I get the same haircut every week – done the same way. I often refer to this weekly ritual as “getting my corners straight” or “getting chiseled.”

Why do this practice every week? It may seem like a lot to some people to spend money on your hair like that.

Here is why I do it.

When people interact with me, I want them to get the best from me every time they come in contact with me. I want the experience of interacting with me to be positive, to be inspiring, and to leave them with the desire to connect in the future. Some people call that your “personal brand” and I agree that having a consistent experience with everyone you meet and interact with is very important.

Your appearance enhances your personal brand so having a consistent look makes it so that there are no surprises with the experience people have with you.

I call this haircut experience “getting chiseled” because to me it represents cutting away or removing all the things that keep you from being what you are supposed to be. Throughout the week we have experiences that take us away from our purpose or get us of track from what we are supposed to do. When you cut off or remove all the things from you that keep you from being you – you end up with who you really are.

I’ve heard the term “stay frosty” or “keep your head on a swivel” – to represent always be ready for what’s coming. I say “stay chiseled” so you are always ready for the next encounter and you are able to give people the consistent experience of who you are.